Hello all.

OMAS now has a blog for the sake of nothing. Here I will post download links to the latest chapters, though all in all, the chapters will be up on other sites at the same rate. Isn’t that swell! Here are the links for the last 3 Episodes of Magician and the latest chapter out.

Episode 32

Chapter 166- http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?dfbexb7e4xbhsbp

Chapter 167- http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?e84tqv8ih6cjz59

Episode 31


Episode 30


Episode 29



12 responses to “Hello all.

  1. You are a beast, good sir. You release chapters so fast, it seems as if you are actually a full team! Apropos to you.

  2. Omas, you are awesome. Thank you SO much! I love you. *Cue song*
    Is it the look in your eyes?
    Or is it the Magician scans…
    Who cares, OMAS,
    I think I wanna marry you…
    *End song*

  3. Sweet blog. Love the template you chose.
    But why the change of heart? Wasn’t it enough that you were releasing through online readers?
    You say “for the sake of nothing” – but I don’t believe it. There must be something….
    Are planning on recruiting people to join you in the future or something?

    • Actually, a guy requested that I post my group on mangaupdates. But they rejected it because my group lacked a website. Hence I made this blog. Haha.

  4. Just caugt up with the latest Magician chapter after a few months break.
    I am truely grateful for the efforts you contribute so we can enjoy the manga!
    Best regards!

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