Older chapters and one new chapter.

Heed my words. My older chapters (especially the first couple I did) have horrid quality and rather blocky translations. They get better as they go on (Kinda like Magician’s artwork, lol)

Episode 20


Episode 21


Episode 22


Episode 23


Episode 24


Episode 25


Episode 26


Episode 27


Episode 28


And here’s a new chapter for all those who were kind enough to go on this site.

Chapter 168



17 responses to “Older chapters and one new chapter.

  1. Dude, I love you so much. You’ve been doing such a great job.
    Ah, I don’t think I could convey all my feeling of gratitude in english. So, let me say it in my mother language (that’s how you call it?):
    Cara, ah cara, você faz traduções rápidas e de qualidade, e os seus comentários em cada capítulo são curtos, objetivos e engraçados. Eu adoro você. De verdade. Casa comigo?

  2. Wow, next chapter already. 😮
    Cant wait for 169, want to see Nastasha’s guardian fight! 😛

    Keep up the amazing work. I could do some proofreading for you, but there were only very few mistakes so far and i guess it would slow down the uploads too much. >.<

  3. Fantastic work. I don’t normally comment on these sorts of pages, but the quality and the wording for the last chapter in particular was excellent. It’s inspiring to see such polish and speed from one person alone.

    I would suggest continuing to post the blog link on your credits page, however.

    • They’re already up by another scan group- Easy Going Scans. Though I might redo some of my older chapters once I catch up to date on Magician.

  4. As a few other people have said, great work! It’s rare to see such quick and high quality work, even from bigger groups, and here you are doing all this by yourself.

  5. thanks mate 😀 you are really~ the BEST!!!
    oh and one more question (lol dunno why but anyway…) how many languages can you speak?

    • I can speak 3 languages fluently: English, Korean, and Japanese. Though I can read and write in Korean, I can’t fluently read Japanese yet (those damn kanji). So I decided to learn while I’m in college. Hopefully, I’ll get around to working on both manga and manhwa.

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