New Chapter.

Awww yeah

That’s right, it’s time for sword bro to kick some ass.

Here’s chapter 169-


13 responses to “New Chapter.

  1. it really is worth to follow your side!
    And here is a smiley cat as a thank you from me: =^..^=

  2. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to download the chapters ^_^ I prefer it reading from my hdd. But in this chapter pictures 06 and 07 were the same. Didn’t seem like there was something missing though. In the last chapter there was 08 missing. Don’t know if it really was a page missing or just a jump the pictures’ names.

    • There wasn’t a page missing, I just happened to mislabel it. Hehe. I read through the chapter before releasing it, so I guess I must have skipped over the duplicate pages since they were similar. Sorry about that.

  3. you said you would upload the chapters a day early here, so what if someone uploads it directly to a mangareader site?
    just asking not meaning to do it because i respect your work and therefore your decisions.

    • Well, I personally would like it if they would wait a day before uploading it, but it’s not like I can stop them from doing it or anything. Quite a lot of scan groups seem to be real finicky on that aspect, but I think if it happens, it’s just something that can’t be helped.

  4. Thanks a bunch! You have earned yourself a loyal follower! 😀 Just one thing, could you perhaps number the first 9 pages as double digits? ie, from 1 into 01 and so on. Messes up with readers this way, and I ended up renaming pages a lot in order to read them in proper order haha. Thanks 🙂

  5. I Don’t Know how to say thank you other than thank you? xD I Love magician and its good to know that there is someone out there translating this, makes life more enjoyable, no?

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