New Chapter and Announcement

Here’s the new chapter for today. I don’t know if you noticed, but I usually take a day break after finishing up an Episode. However, there are 2 more Episodes left after this one. Once I take my day break, starting next episode onward, I’ll post a chapter a day until I finish up the first part of Magician. Enjoy the ride!

Chapter 170-


20 responses to “New Chapter and Announcement

  1. I’m not entirely sure about what you mean by taking a break after the first part of Magician, but if it means that you’ll be translating more rapidly, then by all means, you are most definitely welcome to do so. I just personally hope you find some time drink and eat and to bath yourself in sunlight every once in a while. We don’t want you losing your humanity. xD

    • Well each Episode is usually around 4-7 chapters in length. I usually take a day off after uploading the whole Episode day after day consecutively. But for the next 2 arcs, since its the final 2 Episodes, I’m going to go through all of them with no breaks. You can even expect double releases on one or two days. Haha.

      • WTH!! Are there really only 2 arcs left Q^Q? that to soon~ Could it be that there is another season?
        I don’t want it to end TT^TT
        Anyway a BIG Thank you for the updates ^O^ I hope it isn’t to much work for you and you can take a break anytime if it’s to much work 😉 even though I’m looking forward to read double releases. ❤
        …..oh man this time I used a lot smileys…O_o lol

  2. You are doing a awesome work!!
    And Magician is an addictive manga.
    If I didn’t have you, I don’t know what I could do!!

  3. Thank you for your work. Could you please number the images as 01, 02, etc. instead of 1, 2, etc. They do not order properly without extracting them, using the current numbering.

    • I’m going to start numbering the pages as such: Page (1), Page (2), etc. See if that works. If that doesn’t I’ll give add on those zeroes.

      • Unfortunately that wouldn’t fix it because all pages with a leading “1” are still going to have priority over page 2, 3, 4, etc. Here is an example of what doesn’t vs. does work.

  4. I have a question about action in this chapter: do they really firing at him using crossbows? If answer is yes (and I’m pretty sure about that) then why are arrows used? Is this even possible to shot an arrow witch crossbow? Until now i thought that only (probably) bolts can be used in crossbow, but I don’t know everything so… here’s link to Wikipedia:
    So if word “arrow” was used because of some mistake, can you “repair” it or do something with that (especially on

    And by the way, I would like to say: Thank you, for your great work! I really appreciate (like everyone) what are you doing, it’s just amazing!

    • Actually, I never even knew bolts were used in crossbows. Just assumed arrows are fired. -_-; I’ll try fixing it later. I’ve got my hands tied at the moment.

    • And… hm sorry for posting it under wrong chapter, it was supposed to go under chapter 169.

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