A new day a new chapter.

Here is chapter 173 along with an awesome image from the chapter.

Chapter 173- http://www.mediafire.com/?0jg9tdhdi6q8tye

The final arc slowly draws near…


16 responses to “A new day a new chapter.

  1. thank’s for the chapter. I always wait for new release.
    but one thing made me crazy, those common miss interpretation your and you’re.
    “your” refer to possession like “my” and “you’re” is short for “you are”.
    it is a small and common mistake, but like i said it drove me crazy.

  2. Oh man~ I’m waiting so that I can read more chapters at once and finaly, I can finaly read 3 chapters *_* all thanks to your daily release. If it were weekly or anything like that I couldn’t bear it for so long ^^ so…THANK YOU
    (hehehe now I’m going to read 4 chapters at once :))

  3. This comic is really good man… I usually read manga like naruto, bleach etc..
    but this comic is kind of special ^^ I like that Enzu gets new gear and learned more about himself. But I do wonder how you will pull of about Iremi. like someday her seal will break? or someone breaks the seal somehow 🙂

    i do like how you release the comic all the time. you’re like a machine
    and the coolest thing is that you have your little blogg and have fans comment on your stuff and you back.. love your art (started reading at chapter 72)

    >Btw just wondering do you have plans on what’s going to happen @ Magician to the end or do you get new Ideas all the time? ^^ <

    • I translate Magician over to English and bring it out for people to read. The original webtoon is by Kim Sarae (Hence Magician by Kim Sarae) and is running weekly in naver.

  4. (started reading at chapter 72)**
    Started to read Magician when there were only 72 chapters out ^^ (just saying)

  5. I can’t find them. There are some 20th etc chapters… Is these chapters don’t have “1” (like 120, 121, 122 etc)?

    • Checked all posts.
      There are chapters 20-32, 166-174
      can’t find post later than July 2nd 2012
      still don’t know where is 110-165 chapters
      please, help. I want to continue read this manhwa very much
      I appreciate your work a lot (I am russian scanlater), so no doubt I’ll be very grateful, but at least I need to read your work

      • Those aren’t chapters 20-32, they’re Episodes. In essence, they’re all arcs. For instance Episode 31 may consist of chapters 150-154 (I’m just guessing here).

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