Another chapter today!

Extra chapter just for you guys. Quite a moving chapter, this one.

Chapter 175-


13 responses to “Another chapter today!

  1. Great chapter but rushed ending on the swordsman’s defeat. Edermask could’ve “saved” him, but like any stories, there are dramas. =(

  2. just found out your pll scanlate this project and i have no words to thank you i love this project and Edermask looks badass in resent chapters when he is angry

  3. Thanks! 😀

    P.S: If you ever played FF7… doesn’t this remind you of Zack Fair’s death (looks and everything)? But that’s just a random quesiton. ;p

  4. Thanks a lot for the double release, love your work. The first thing that came to my mind as I was finishing this chapter was the same thing written on the credits page. Tiiiimmmmmeeeee!!!!!

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