Chapter 176

Here is Magician chapter 176. Note this is the final arc of Volume 1. Enjoy.

Chapter 176-


9 responses to “Chapter 176

  1. thank you and one question: there is sitll an arc left, right? So…how many chapters are left?

      • oh wait…*brain working really really hard*…I’m not sure and I was confused all the time so….are the 177 chapters, which are out right now part of only one volume?? And there is a next volume ahead or am I totally wrong now…?

  2. I just got to say, thanks. This manga is awesome and half of it is thanks to you. Supplying us with the translation. Please keep up the good work, and i know i am selfish but i want more asap =). Thanks You! Appreciate your work and time put in to serve random people over the net.

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