Final Chapter of Volume 1

Here’s the final chapter of Volume one. It took some time, but enjoy the finale.

Chapter 180-


17 responses to “Final Chapter of Volume 1

  1. I don’t want it to end >3< but at least there is (going to be) a new volume. I hope you continue to to translate and upload this manwha^^
    Oh and before I forget: super ultra big THANKS 😉

  2. Thanks for the scans. U r the best!!! However after that last chapter I was wondering if you could translate a email for me to the author so I can YELL at him/her for what happened to my favorite character.

  3. Really awesome to do this by yourself and so freaking fast. You have my eternal thanks. Can’t wait for volume 2.

  4. You should make a donation thingy. I would definately donate to you for all the great work you have been doing!

  5. Amazing work man, really, thanks a lot for bringing this to us, keep up the good work 🙂
    (After your, more than well deserved, break)

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