That end where it said “Returning on April 21st” was for a COUPLE years back. Volume 2 is already 60 or so chapters in, so DO NOT fret. Anyways. Here’s a cool picture of Time by Kim Sarae.


13 responses to “NOTICE

  1. Awesome work, especially for one person! Started reading Magician recently, at the beginning it reminded me of The Black Company by Glen Cook. My most favorite world yet. So i’m really enjoying your fast translation 🙂

    What are the plans for second volume? 🙂

    • I’m going to release the very first chapter for Volume 2 tomorrow morning. After that I’ll take a break for a couple days. Not sure how long yet.

  2. Hey, thanks for all your work! I’m really glad that we don’t have to wait for volume 2, and I’m glad you’ll at least give us a first chapter before taking a (well-deserved and completely understandable) break. (:

  3. woah great job m8. So many releases in such short time and with good quality.
    With this speed u gonna catch naver releases quickly. Cant w8 till u get to the last releases, the last one’s are intriguing me. =D

  4. I love you. Thank you for the releases. You are awesome. Please don’t stop. But enjoy your break. You deserve it. Lol, am I the only one who expected Iremi to go beserk when Dirt died? No? … Ok then.

  5. thank you omas for your work. omg i feel so sad for dirt T_T, he was one of my favourite characters.

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