Volume 2 Chapter 5

Here’s Volume 2 Chapter 5 of Magician. Pretty good stuff.

Volume 2 Chapter 5- http://www.mediafire.com/?sgw9j3fsfd2bk27


8 responses to “Volume 2 Chapter 5

  1. Just wanted to say thanks, I really appreciate that you take your time to translate this manga. Please continue doing your good work! ☺

  2. that dark skinned (middle-aged) woman had hooters.
    Enzu should play with those knockers before leaving town.
    It would suck if Iremi catches him in the act.

  3. I Thank you so much for bringing this series to us!

    So far it has been one of the bests if not the best series I’ve read/seen so far. The first volume was simply amazing! So far volume 2 doesn’t really build up any expectations because it doesn’t likely that they will be meeting with Edermaks in anytime soon, and just simply pales out after the grand ending of volume 1, I was fully expecting this excat time warp to happen . There is just one thing that I don’t want to happen in this series, which is Iremi falling for Enzu, or anything even close to that! Just anything but that!

    Yours Sincerely,

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