Vol.2 Chapter 8

Yep. Another day another chapter. Good stuff. Here is delicious Matthew.

Vol.2 Chapter 8 (Chapter 188)- http://www.mediafire.com/?fg6whjj0n1yop5o


13 responses to “Vol.2 Chapter 8

  1. thx a lot for a badass chapter and all i can say after reading this maybe enzu improved a lot but he has a freaking long way to be like Time

  2. Thanks 4 the chapt. But what is the correct translation for the 3rd bubble in page 15? Can you read it one more time before you post it? Be “late” an hour, but be right. You own it to your self that much.

    • It was “Where would you find a technique as great as this?” Sorry about that. I have to proof it myself, so sometimes things like this skip over.

  3. Wow, that was fast! Don’t know if it was just less text to work on or you just used more of your time, but thank you either way.
    I’m not too amazed by Enzu’s development (so many years and a written instruction), can’t wait to see the unsealed Iremi though. :d

  4. Thanx for another neat and incredibly fast release!
    And you have to cut Enzu some slack, from the context it looks like mastering the basics were the hardest part, after that we’ll see his tremendous growth.

    Also, looks like he lazed a bit after he finally learned this move, thinking that he is already near the peak 😀 poor boy

  5. Why is her character named Matthew? Isn’t it a male name?
    Her name should be “Mattea” or “Mattie” or “Matti”

    Omas, by the way, the official girl’s version would be “Mattea.” So please change the name.
    Korean to English names may be a very challenging thing.

    It would be so funny is Enzu and “Mattea” form some sorta romance, and Iremi gets really jealous or mad because of her secret crush for Enzu.

    • Her name is “메튜” Which in terms of literal pronunciation is Meh tyu, So I don’t really know if Mattea is correct either. “메튜” is the Korean translation for “Matthew” therefore I left it as such. If you can find an official source or something for her name I will gladly change it.

      • Here is a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matty_(name)
        But in other sources, Matty is an alteration of nicknames for Mattie, Madison, Matthew, Martha or Matilda.

        So if you were to choose, it would have to be “Matty” or “Mattie.”
        Just had to say something because “Matthew” is literally a MALE name which means “Gift of God.”
        Matthew is a Hebrew, Jewish, Christian, and an European name. And these people mainly chose the dragon to represent “Satan.” In European standards, Satan is the devil. The devil is an enemy of God.

        So, a dragon can’t be a gift of God, but a source of unstable-nature, corruption, danger and destruction.

        Mattie or Matty also means: “strong and healthy.”
        Since she is a dragon, the name’s meaning complements the character.

      • Also, if you remember at chapter 167 – titled, “swordmaster 02”
        Link: http://www.batoto.net/read/_/111769/magician_v1.32_ch167_by_one-man-army-scans

        Edermask had to emit some sort of dark aura – which was explained to be an enough pressure to kill a person.
        And this “technique” from Edermask was used to subdue the dragon into consciousness.
        “Dark aura” could be considered “Evil aura.” One could say that the dragon sensed an aura-presence similar to the devil.
        That is my theory anyways.

  6. Sorry for the third post, but I think that maybe it was meant to stay as Matthew.
    Matthew means ‘Gift of God.’ So maybe the name is meant as a way to make her feel like a gift of God despite her origin?
    Whatever. I never felt this way for a manhwa to care so much like this.
    I guess I should consider myself to be one of those “true fans.”

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