No new chapter today.

Mmn, sorry for posting late. Usually I take a day or 2 off after I finish up an episode so I can have a breather or work on some other side projects (Like the earlier side stories that weren’t released). The next chapter will be here in a day or 2 so no worries.


12 responses to “No new chapter today.

  1. oh well can’t be helped 😉 so have a good rest and I’m looking forward to your work n_n

  2. to be perfectly honest, i wouldnt mind if u had a release schedule about 2 chapters each week. Dont get me wrong , you are doing a fantastic job and i pretty much love to see a chapter almost every day, but sooner or later if you keep this up you are going to catch the raw and then its going to be 1 per week like any other.

    So my point is if you want to have a bit more time to rest, i wouldnt mind it one bit :). If u feel comfortable right now, by all means continue 😀

  3. ^Speak for yourself! I love the fact that I get a new chapter almost every day! OMA is doing hell of a job and should be praised for that!

    Just wondering if you’re gonna do another series after you get Magician to the current chapter?

    Btw, you’re the first scanlator I’m gonna donate to! Why? Cause you’re one of the few scanlators that deserve it!

    • Yeah, I’m planning to pick up other series once I catch up with Magician. Rather depending how it works out, I was thinking of picking up another project and releasing it weekly while working on Magician.

  4. Praised be the gentleman who does this wonderful job. I understand his job is being beyond belief by those who love magician. However someone who complains about the release schedule probably has started to read mangas recently. So comments like those must be ignored.

    Mr. OMAS personally the job you do is like those of the coliseum. And keep fighting to be a god in the arena.
    (So sorry for bad english)

  5. just to clarify, i love you doing this much chapters , but i want to have a steady flow of them, so i prefer you doing less and get a more enyojale work than pushing yourself to the limit and stoping all together . Anyways , thx for your hard work

  6. Your work is truly appreciated! Please do not be hard on yourself when life changes your goals. Our an,,,,ti….ci…pation contributes to our excitement and and enhances the reward of each release. I am really enjoying this work and grateful to have the chance to read it in one the 2 languages I know. Thanks for your efforts!

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