Vol.2 Chapter 11 is here!

Vol.2 Chapter 11- http://www.mediafire.com/?d8n96vd13pk56ns

Bam, here you go. another chapter.


13 responses to “Vol.2 Chapter 11 is here!

  1. Fabulous work, thanks a whole bunch!

    Hope your still enjoying yourself, please don’t burn yourself out.

  2. You rock Graphicsmith! Thanks for the release.
    Hopefully, you add up all 3 choices that refer to changes of Noona’s name.

    • 115+ is in the downloads section. The previous chapters were done by another group, EGS. You can probably find dl links in their site at egscans.com.

  3. The mediafire link doesn’t work for me. They just ask me to join mediafire and the download disappears. I join and still no download???

  4. well this fast upload really desereves a SUPER THANK YOU~ keep going :9 tehehe~

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