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Take note that these chapters are very text heavy. So ridiculous. I swear. I might delay a chapter by a day because of the amount of sheer text. Hopefully I won’t. Also, Matthew’s name will stay as is. Since that’s what the poll decided. Anyways here’s the next chapter.

Vol.2 Chapter 14-


3 responses to “Next chapter

  1. I hate polls. They can easily be reused by the same person with different ips or computer locations.
    But aw well, what is done is done. This series is interesting enough to ignore such irony.

    Also, in addition to the text, does the sfx seem a bit much too?
    And I bet it’s probably the redrawing that gets to you. I mean, look at that picture. Three statements for each character on just one irrelevant picture? Even an sfx for Iremi drinking? The author is being a little bit precise on characterization. But as I’ve seen the raws, the texts seems to lessen as you move forward, maybe?

    And it varies from chapter to chapter.

  2. iremi: “this chapter is pretty good.” Matthew: “really? then I think I should read it too.” Enzu: “Thank you Omas for letting other people read this!” ….just the first thing I got in mind when I saw the pic…..Thanks ❤

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