Hey there.

Yeah, I was planning to post the next chapter then take a break 2 days ago, but I left on a trip to some kind of cabin and didn’t think much of it since the people I went with said there was wifi. Well, that turned out to be a flop. Not even a single bar of reception on my phone much less wifi. Well, you know, shit happens. Been a long two days, but here’s the belated next chapter.

Also, for this week, since I’ll be traveling to all sorts of places, chapters may be sporadic. However, once I’m back next week, you all can expect relatively frequent and constant releases.

Vol.2 Chapter 16-  http://www.mediafire.com/?g6q2vedes5l30z9


17 responses to “Hey there.

  1. Thaks for the chap. Great work considering the trouble you had.
    Look I think sabrino is the location ’cause it’s Edermask he has hundreds of years, his wisdom will guide him to an answer. Plus Janus has an army that can rule a continent, so Edermask hasn’t found the answer yet or he’s just waiting for an opportunity in witch may rise with the group arrival.

  2. Thanks for your hard work!

    Also, Sebrino is that place, FOR SURE. It was shown in the manhwa. At the end of chapter 195, we can see Edermask-nim at the place where Time died. And from chapter 194 we know, that the place where Time died is called Sabrino. Everything’s clear.

  3. I think it’s both, cuz they said Edermask is in Sebrino for a couple of days then he vanishes, I think he travels from Sebrino to Phillis and viceversa.

  4. i like your idea, lolcomplex. but if i had to decide on one i would also say i’ts sebrino. (and i hope so too. means they will meet up with edermask sooner ❤ )

  5. Are new episodes being made constantly or has Magician already finished and you are translating the remaining chapters?

  6. good work! hmmm somehow I “hoped” they would split up and then go to the places at the same time…that would have been cool 😉 oh well wondering how it will develope (sorry for bad english TT^TT)

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