Awwww yeah.

To those who don’t know. I started working on Magician promising 2 chapters a week, that’s it. I just happen to pump out more chapters a week, and will more or less likely continue to do so. As I started working on translating over SFX, some chapters may take time. If there are any delays (Probably no longer than 2 days) please understand. Now please. Don’t chase me over this. Also as a side note. YES, FINALLY SOMETHING INTERESTING.

Vol.2 Chapter 21-


12 responses to “Awwww yeah.

  1. well if you want to translate the SFX so badly there is nothing we can do šŸ˜‰ thnks for the hard work and for all the chapters you have done! always good quality and fast release! ^o^

  2. Don’t normally ever write on the internet, but just want to say that I (and probably the silent majority) really appreciate all your effort on the series and that we’re patient enough to wait for you! (It must be hard work on all these wordy chapters!)

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