Time for a new chapter!

That’s right, time for Pierre’s badassery. Very satisfying chapter, this one.

Vol.2 Chapter 22- http://www.mediafire.com/?nv0ryac6arnubdn


10 responses to “Time for a new chapter!

  1. finally some ACTION! Can’t wait to see how strong iremi got….well thank you for this interesting chapter ❤

  2. Hey OMAS, I want to know if you are going to establish a specific day to release Magician or you’re going to keep the current situation with no schedule?

    • Mmn. These days with school starting a lot of things have been going on for me. I guess if I had to establish a day, expect chapters on Mondays and Fridays. There might be a chapter or two in between those days.

      • I only asked because I was kind of walking in the dark you know. Thaks for the info and good luck with your stuffs. (As always sorry for bad english)

    • hey don’t push OMAS he also has school and a life to. So you can better say take it easy and do your best, that will be more motivating than pleas translate more, be patience and just wait for the next chapter to come.

      so Omas do your best and we will wait for the next chapter. I redder see quality than a half done job so keep up the good work.
      and I must say the series has been going in a good stream after you pickt it up keep up the good work ( sorry for bad english)

      • hey hey lucky dont be angry,
        okay, i’m sorry -.-
        it’s been a hard time for me to search good manga/manhwa, and if anyone want to teach me how to editing, typesetting, translating (working on japanese now, but i thing i’m gonna move to korean, lol), i’ll help for sure…
        and one more, i’m crazy, so please dont mind my word XD sorry if it hurt 🙂
        both you and i are fans of omas scan, go OMAS!

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