New chapter and announcement

Well, as you know, chapters have been slowing down. Things have come up and well, I don’t have enough time to work on chapters as much as I used to. However, I’ll try to manage a relatively constant release. Chapters will be released on MONDAYS and FRIDAYS. Anything in between will be bonus. This will be until my schedule stabilizes. But hey, this is better than weekly, right?

[OMAS] Vol.2 Chapter 23-


17 responses to “New chapter and announcement

    Have a nice day!

  2. Where’s the other chapter!?!?! OH CMON! Is it really that hard!? Translate the other one! You could sacrifice a bit of your personal life until you catch up with the series, couldn’t you? I bet you’re eating some ice-cream by the TV, eating sweets and making your teeth rot! Why not doing something worthwhile instead? Like, I KNOW! TRANSLATE MAGICIAN!
    Have a nice day (if you translate)
    You have seven days… (that is if you don’t translate).

    • hey! if you want that fast you got to translate yourself! you think translating korean, cleaning proofing is easy?
      and this work is for free (you can donate if u want) so shut up and wait, and there is announcement said that chapter release in monday and friday
      -sorry for harsh language, i really cant stand this spoiled brat

      • I’m a spoiled brat, but I too am… a human being. And your cruel words may have hurt my sensitive mentality. Have you thought about how your insensitive words may afflict me? YOU MONSTER! I REQUEST IMMEDIATE, FULL-FLEDGED APOLOGY.

  3. Hello! I was reading from the beginning, and realises a truly too fast, there is no pain even if there would not chapters in between mondays and frydays. Or even if realiases would be every 3-4 days! Rest a bit. And you catching up too. So you can slower a bit.
    Yourfriendly Russian fan!)

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