Chapter 24

(Note: This is a panel with altered text} Lol at yankee Iremi. I love her expression on this page.

Here’s a new chapter, as promised. Until the next.

Vol.2 Chapter 24-


16 responses to “Chapter 24

  1. A great chapter, it kinda connects to the events from before (when Iremi and Enzu were dressed as girls lol).
    It’s all good when it’s close to the main story flow 😀
    Keep up the good work and btw 2 chapters week is good, no worries man!

  2. MORE MORE MORE! This is definetely not enough. Just drop everything in your life – your friends, family and so on. We, your fans, will be your new family, your friends. Now, forget everything and translate! And this is not selfish desire of mine, everyone here are thinking the same!

  3. Hmmm … not sure if Spoiled Brat is someone else or OMAS inerself trying to argue his decisions regarding Magician.

  4. the quality of your work is going up and up and up! amazing work indeed. i can’t believe ONE person is doing this. KEEP IT COMING.

  5. Strange, TWO days have already passed, but I see no update. OMAAAAA! Explain to your family, the hell’s going on? I don’t go on this site just to watch your logo picture up there. Are you sick? Yeah, you are probably sick, since there’s no other way you wouldn’t update. And, gee, the sicknss is grave indeed, I mean, two days passed and no updates! COME ON FANS, LET’S CHANT SOME MAGICAL MANTRA OR SOMETHING TO HEAL OUR MAN!

      • Pffwahahaha… and who is this? What do you think you’e doing? You insolent peasant, how dare you talk to me that way? Don’t show your face in front of me ever again. Now, begone!

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