A new chapter for the weekend

Mmn. Here’s chapter 27. Crashed into a car with my bike over the week. Lotsa blood. Time’s like these I wish I had healing magic. Or a cheaper hospital bill.

Vol.2 Chapter 27- http://adf.ly/CeJ3e


16 responses to “A new chapter for the weekend

  1. Thank you for your diligence in never failing to release a new chapter =D
    Don’t strain yourself too much and take care man. OMAS cannot go without you!
    Hope you will get better soon!

      • stop using Hahah like a character from Magician
        well i hope that didn’t hurt
        last year i falled from my bike when i was running 50km/h or so on the highway
        I spilled lotsa blood to the point of throwing my shirt (it was wight and it became after the accident red)
        it took a month for my skin to grow back on my elbow … hurt alot

  2. Healthy food and exercise is your best healing magic.

    “Time’s like these”DOT “I wish I had healing magic.” 😉

    Get better.

  3. OMAS, I warned you… but you just don’t listen… I hope I won’t need to use voodoo again, because next time might just be your last. Your life hangs on translations, so don’t slack off.
    All the best,
    Your Humble Fan

  4. It seems that falling made OMAS more funny. However looking carefully into the facts it made me sure that it was not and it was funny to those with a twisted sence of humor.
    Wish you the best and keep trying to take the best of a bad situation.

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