A new chapter? Oh yes!

Yeah, a new chapter. And yes. I am releasing another chapter on Monday. On a side note… Rather, just read the credits page. Put in

YU70135 for the referral code in the app Guardian Cross, and I’ll also release one of the side chapters that EGS never ended up releasing. I’ll finish up along with chapter 31 on Monday. You, by no means, have any obligations to do so. But I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

Chapter 30- http://adf.ly/CrvB9


21 responses to “A new chapter? Oh yes!

  1. Hey, first time post

    Magician is very enjoyable, I really like the story and the art.

    I appreciate you doing Scans of it. ❤
    (I read it off batoto)

    Guardian Cross is a game I wanted to pick up, I didn't want to use any of the spammers ref codes that float around the interweb. I saw your code, and I will for sure use it when Guardian Cross comes out for Android (seems like its only on ios, atm) might be a while before it comes out for andriod? ; ;

    Again, thanks for scans.

  2. I would download the game, but um…they do not have a PC version.
    I don’t play games on my IPhone/Touch/Pad or whatever. Recommend PC games next time.
    Thanks for the chapter. One more thing, why is “Matthew” (shitty male name) called “UNNI” or “NOONA” throughout the entire chapter? It just feels kinda obvious that you are trying to hide the fact that you gave her a male name.

    • I didn’t “give” her a male name. It’s already like that. Also, like last credits says, Unni is reserved for a female addressing an older female, while Noona is reserved for males addressing an older female. It’s a tagged part like “Matthew-onee chan* or “Matthew-nee chan” in Japanese. Rather than calling her “Big sis Matthew” I feel leaving that latter part is appropriate.

  3. If it wont be a much bother,can you please give the folder link of all the files. I am new to the series and It will take a hell amount of time to open every post for a download link.

  4. Ugh… If I had a smart phone I would download the game and use the referral code as a small token of my gratitude, but I can’t. :/ I’ll at least try and get a few of my friends (including one I introduced recently to Magician) to do so. Look forward to it and thanks a bunch!

  5. i’ve already earch throughout android market, and no such thing called guardian cross:O
    thanks for the chapter and awaiting chapter 31, it’s been a “hell” long time for bonuses to show up-.-

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