Chapter 33

As the title says. Here’s volume 2 chapter 33. Preparing for daily releases again, so get ready, I guess.

Vol.2 Chapter 33-


14 responses to “Chapter 33

  1. :** thanks for your hard work^^ You sure you want to return to the daily release…?…I meean of course it would be awesome but wouldn’t we catch up faster with the original???

  2. OMG!! OMAS has finally heard his alter ego “SPOILED BRAT” I can not believe he has sucumbed to the will of his subconcious.
    Right now I am so Happy and desapointed at the same time.

    • Who gave you the permission to use my name for your petty talks? Listen, mortal, dare I hear my name muttered again in that filthy mouth of yours, I’ll make sure you suffer in a way one couldn’t imagine in his wildest of nightmares. Now, begone!

  3. Greetings, OMA. It seems that that giving you some time and space was a good choice indeed. Four chapters in a period of a week, I appreciate your efforts, but thou should know, that this not the level I… we desire. Don’t get cocky, young one, from receiving this praise, have it as warning instead, because I… we shall not tolerate slacking off. I believe we do not wish there to be any more ‘encouragement’, now do we, OMA? Serve your family well and live or… after all, blood can always be spilled again… mwha… muhahahahaaaaaaaa…

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