Here’s chapter 34

Chapter 34. School finally started. Oh boy. I plan to start daily releases starting next Monday or the coming Friday. (Depending on how things turn out.) It will continue up until the pacing of the story is much much faster and exciting. So yeah. Look forward to it.

Vol.2 Chapter 34-


9 responses to “Here’s chapter 34

  1. Amazing work as always from Omascans! Hey just wanted to make sure that you were aware that is also uploading your scans? Not entirely sure if you have any policy on who can upload and whatnaught, but as far as I know mangapirate is filled with a bunch of moneygrubbing assholes who work on popular projects for the sole purpose of traffic so…. yeah…

      • Basically, as long as mangapirates keeps my credits and uploads it, I really don’t care. Even if mangapirate is making money from all this, it’s the same for mangafox and other manga reading sites. I’m scanlating for people to read. I’m not going to start bitching over how people make money over my scans.

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