Chapter 39


Day 4 of daily releases! Please read the note on the first page before reading this chapter. Anyways, enjoy.

Vol.2 Chapter 39-


*PS- Vote on the character poll please. In the later chapters, the results of a character poll in Korea is shown. I thought it would be cool to compare the poll here and the one done there.


12 responses to “Chapter 39

  1. The Boys use noona and girls use unni. Mixup is the joke, isn’t it?

    Also, Thank You for the new chapter.

  2. Thank you very much for this release! 4 days of daily releases and counting!

    I was trying to understand why it’s so embarrassing for the Noona/Unni slipup to happen? What makes it so very embarrassing? Could you please elaborate on this if possible?

    • Well, it’s something related to gender role in Korean culture. Also, what’s funny is if a female calls an older female Noona, it’s not as embarrassing. It’s hard to explain, but the best way to put it is to imagine Enzu slipping up and making himself sound gay.

  3. Thank you very much for the release, and all former and future ones as well, I love this very much so I really appreciate the effort you’ve put in 😀

    As for the poll I only have this to say. I love swords and swordfighting, and there has never been anyone in anything I’ve ever read that can top Time.

    • now when u say that i think TIME is one of the best i try to think of some1 better, but cant mb zoro from OP 😀

      • Zoro might be one of the closest in terms of pure ability, but he still can’t cut space 😀

  4. Oh god, no! I went to the authors blog and accidentally got myself spoilered pretty hard. Please, release more such that we’ll get to the current chapter quickly!

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