Day 5?

Day 5 or 6 of daily releases. Tomorrow’s chapter should be the last of the daily releases. Then I’m going to return to my normal schedule. Basically, everything from tomorrow’s chapter onward is really awesome and jam packed with action so waiting shouldn’t be as bad as when everything was about talking. Anyways, here’s chapter 40

Vol.2 Chapter 40-


6 responses to “Day 5?

  1. oh man I want to read this freakin awesome chapter now~ oh well at least iremi finally began to fight ❤
    thanks so much 😉

  2. I hope we’ll see Iremi and Matthew kick some ass in the next chapter. And for the arrows : Wall ! They don’t have catapults this time :p

  3. End of daily realeases… indeed? I believe you know the consequences on the matter? Do you not value your life at all, OMA?
    The last chapter shall be written in your blood. The last chapter of your life, that is.

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