Last of the daily releases.

Time for some ass kicking. Awesome shit going on from this chapter onward. Look forward to the next chapter on Friday! Without further ado, here’s chapter 41.

Vol.2 Chapter 41-


17 responses to “Last of the daily releases.

  1. Poor lord. Seriously, he pissed the wrong person

    “I will engrave terror deep into your mind”, she said with an evil grin on her face

  2. Wait, regular schedule, does that mean Friday and Monday? Friday is tomorrow? So we have one more day of “next day”?

  3. best, no, i mean … BEST CHAPTER EVER!!! 😀 Iremi was most interesting character for me from the beginning and it’s getting better and better 🙂

  4. FINALLY Iremi showing her fucking badass power ❤ I waited so long for this~ oH and don't forget she is still sealed so her real power is still far away 😉

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