Yes. There is another chapter tomorrow.

As the title states. But this just means everything is back to normal schedule.


10 responses to “Yes. There is another chapter tomorrow.

  1. Grrrr… *grinding his teeth* Back to normal!!??! How dare you ignore my threats? I THOUGHT WE ARE FAMILY!!? ANSWER ME OMA, ANSWER MEEE!!! Your faithful fans, your own family is in need for daily realeases, and you, you, YOU just ignore them. Just when I thought that everything is going well, you just had to ruin it, hadn’t you? I just don’t get it, do you enjoy it or something, making us suffer? Damn it! Damn it all!
    Argh…. you shall pay for this, you shall dearly pay for this. No one lives after betraying the family. Not even you, ONE MAN ARMY.

  2. :3 Do you have any raw scans? I would like to read them in Korean. But Thanks for the fast translations~!!

  3. Thank you very much for all your work, u really are the leading scanlator for Magician, i really liked all those dayly release thank you 🙂 and i really hope to see more daily releases in the future.

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