Chapter 49

Sigh. Ragnarok Odyssey is sapping out all the time I have. Anyways, here’s chapter 49.

Vol.2 Chapter 49-


26 responses to “Chapter 49

  1. MY GOODNESS! WHAT? We need chapters and he’s playing some damn game called Raganok or whatever. You are making your brain rot from dumb activities like that instead of doing some chapters for your fans? Do you have at least a bit of conscience?

  2. first to the one above me: it’s his decision wether to play a game or not because it’s also purely his decision to translate this webtoon so you don’t have choice but to accept it
    second to OMAS: i think the reason he sent so few men after pierre is because pierre didn’t show his thread ability yet so he doesn’t know of it.

  3. need a time machine to go ahead and read all the new chapters! …or maybe its easier to just learn a new language 😀

  4. Thanks as always!
    I always like the last OMAS page, because it adds another page I can read, haha. Dying for more chapters, but we must be patient. We can’t have our supplier (OMAS) getting too burned out.

    @SpoiledBrat If you want to make people laugh, you should tone it down little… maybe post something like a walkthrough to the game he’s playing, so he can finish it and scan more, haha. Brevity is the soul of wit.

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