Chapter 51

Such a great chapter. Not to mention a long one at that. Was very very tempted to put some awesome panels from this chapter, but for the sake of not spoiling a good chapter, I inserted a non-spoiler image.

*Edit*- Messed up on the title. It should be Reinforced Soldiers (03) not (02). Will fix next chapter.

Vol.2 Chapter 51-


11 responses to “Chapter 51

    Iremi & Enzu tide on the poll Pierre is still falling behind Matthew, but they go up aginst Phobos & Phobia not to mention the guard Captain soon. But if Iremi finds the lord first she will probly get 2x the vote’s as anyone else.
    Thanks One Man Army Scans 😀

  2. Awesome! He’s finally free. I can’t wait to see how Iremi reacts to Pierre’s “new” powers. Thanks for the release.

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