Chapter 54

With shit going on in my life, (Mostly midterms and papers) I was planning to take a break, but hell with that. This chapter is too damn awesome to skip out on. Seriously. Here’s chapter 54.

Vol.2 Chapter 54-



17 responses to “Chapter 54

  1. Just wondering will Iremi have some other fight scenes in this “arc” (the next chapters) because the current fight should pretty much conclude this arc and I don’t think Iremi will appear before its end or at least not long before it.

  2. Just turned on epic music, found the new chapter… O_O

    And I should say that your skill in scanlating is as perfect as it probably could be,reads as if original work.
    Leave Luck at the place it belongs and do your best! Good exams 😉

  3. thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you! >////< you are awesome, dude! Wish you the best for your exams ~

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