May or may not be a chapter today. I have papers and midterms due this week. So yeah.


22 responses to “Notice

  1. Again, good luck with your school work. Magician is great and all, but definitely don’t feel bad about taking care of the serious stuff first. Everything else can wait. 🙂

  2. Don’t worry, fansub and scanlations are just a hobbies, if you put more efforts on a hobby than your personal life, then its not a hobby its an addiction.

  3. Look at all those asslickers wishing good luck. You could’ve done your studies instead of playing that pile of shit Ragnarok and done daily scans!
    Daily Scans.

  4. Many thanks for your work. I really do enjoy Magician and appreciate your efforts to bring people a translation. I find it also incredible that you are able to release new chapters so quickly by yourself, so I guess it is just totally normal if you need to take a break!

  5. Good luck with your school work. I guess this means I should do my school work too instead of reading comics. >.>

  6. Well even if the chapter comes out tomorrow or later its cool, I would be lying if I say I am not anxious and waiting for the chapter to come fast 🙂 But ya kudos to you on doing great job on scanning these chapters fast. considering its solo too lol

  7. Thanks for releasing right after thanksgiving I expected you to at least take a few days for family and friends. I know I did, it felt like a double release when I got back and had 2 chapters waiting to be read.

      • The chapter will be here on Friday, hopefully with interest, lol. Anyway, OMAS releases much faster than other groups…You should appreciate that. And he’s only one man! Thanks for your hard work OMAS!

      • Answer #1:
        “Fuck and masturbate” – is that all that resides in your head? Don’t get worked up over stuff you don’t need to – be happy. Don’t waste your time on a spoilt brat like me. Wasting time to write something to a spoiled brat would be useless, wouldn’t it?

      • Answer #2:
        Don’t bother yourself writing stuff like that. I appreciate only one thing – daily scans.

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