Chapter 56

Though a little later than usual, here’s chapter 56. My grades have been suffering. I put priority on my grades over scans. So yeah, next chapter won’t be coming till I’m done with finals. I may squeeze a chapter in there to fulfill this cliffhanger, but don’t count on it. I have churned out over 100 chapters within the past 6 months. Let me have this break in peace.


Vol.2 Chapter 56-

PS- I am doing daily releases once Winter break begins.


41 responses to “Chapter 56

  1. Thanks for kicking one more chapter out anyway =) Looking forward to Winter Break, and best of luck on your Finals!

  2. It wont hurt to tell us when is your winter break starting and when are these finals ending, not everyone has the same school program as you.

  3. Jeez your such a troll, there you had me thinking there wasn’t going to be any magician for weeks/months!

    Good luck on your finals

  4. love you dude ❤ (don't worry I'm a girl XD) good luck and have a nice "break"….it isn't really a break since you have all this this stress and studying stuff going on :/ anyway have some nice days =^..^=

  5. Good luck with you finals, and use the weekend off to do whatever you want. Peace!
    And of course looking foward to daily release, as you promised.

  6. Hi, I just wanted to put it out there,

    that firstly: Thank you OMAS for your efforts and good luck on your exams! (We also eagerly await your return ;])

    Secondly: Anyone tried reading Magician while listening to ‘two steps from from hell’ ? That’s what I do and it magnifies the awesomeness tenfold. Especially “Black Blade” and “Invincible” while Enzu is fighting. Try it out!

  7. Good luck on your finals, I’m sure plenty of us are going through the same thing. You definitely deserve a break after putting out 2 or more chapters a week on pretty regular basis, don’t feel guilty about taking a break. Bueno trabajo señor.

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