No chapter today.

New chapter(s) will be out next Friday. Now that my last finals just ended, I’ll have to start working on typesetting, translating, cleaning, etc. which will take a little time. If I’m fast, a chapter may be out this Monday.

Note- Also, I’m planning on going through the rest of the lord arc in one go once I start releasing. That arc has been dragging on for too long.


27 responses to “No chapter today.

    • Also a thank you from me!
      oh and don’t forget “City of dead Sorcerer”, a really good manhwa :3

    • Im thinking the same. After my first manwha (Tower of God) im not in the mood for manga. To bad there are only a few web comics out there.

  1. do not worry, I think that we all understand your problems. After all, you translated many chapter for us until now. You have tests to do, and I wish you good luck with them. I’ll finish my post by saying to you thank you for all of your hard work. It’s really, really appreciated.

  2. You… are awesome. I just read all your scans from start to finish over the last couple weeks. Keep em coming!

  3. Lol good to see this post when it[‘s 1 day away from release date XD

    And I donno most manhwas are good to me mainly cause they are colored pages lol more easy to picture but mangas are pretty good too just that the ones releasing nowdays arent so great.

    For me same thing happened for j-dramas then moved on to k drama 😛

    Also few ongoing mangas are good or worth reading atleast: One Piece, Bleach They have their ups and downs bu once in a while gets pretty good and I didn’t mention Naruto mainly cause how things have turned out recently or for months now 😛

    But ya I read more manhwas than mangas currently

  4. AHHHHHHHHHHH, OMAS! …. OMAS! …. OMAS, where the f*** is todays release? Where is it?
    I’m sorry. Is just too much time withought magician. And I’m from Brazil and in here is already 2pm and … .sorry take your time.

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