Beginning of Daily releases!

Man, do you know how long it takes to do a chapter solo? Lots of effort, I’ll tell you that. Ah well. Here’s the beginning of daily releases. Let’s see how long I can keep it up.

Vol.2 Chapter 58-



20 responses to “Beginning of Daily releases!

  1. Bwahahahaha “how hard”??? TROLOLOLOL! Shit, dude, after such a long time you cry like a puss that it’s hard… who are you, a kid? Good thing you came to your senses and did daily scans. What’s next? You gonna whine that it’s so hard to live? You gonna say you have a life to live? F*** your life, you got fans to feed so better keep it straight lazy ass Raganok whatever player. Gee, and I call myself spoiled.

    • okay first of all….JUST. SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. AND YOU SHOULD BE THANKFULL INSTEAD OF COMPLAING ALL THE TIME! (even if you think it’s a joke, It’s just annoying…and sorry if I’m being too rude but it’s just my opinion)
      Anyway….Thank you Omas for your hard work =) and merry christmas~ stay healthy and try to hold up the realise~

      • Awww… look at you, young sweet lady telling me what to do. Girl, you are not first to tell me your opinion, but isn’t it rude to give it to me without my request? Why would you waste your time for me? I ain’t special, but thanks. Gee, kids these days.

    • Moreover, I find your “thanks comments” annoying too, but I never tell anyone to shut up :|. Just sayin’.

      • yeah but at least I’m not insulting someone, who doesn’t deserve it 🙂 And don’t worry about my time, since I’m still a “kid” I have plenty of it left. Futhermore, in my opinion it is better to say “thank you” to someone, who is working really hard for us than to insult him all the time because that is even more annoying 😉
        PS: It doesn’t really bother me If you don’t care about my opinion or if my “thanks comments” annoy you.

      • Oh and before I forget it…I think we are both in an agreement when I say: We both waste our time by replying each others comments…

    • You know what? Say bye to spoiled brat, if you don’t want me be to here and enjoy the scans in a unique way then I wont. I’ve never insulted any of you no matter how much you pissed on me, I just said “whatever – be happy”. Ofcourse OMA is doing good job do to stuff alone, why should I say the obvious thanks? Some say, some not. Have fun, this goodbye my christmas present for ya jolly guys – be happy now.

      Always loved ya.
      It’s just that ya didn’t understand mya.
      It was nice being with ya.
      Spoiled Brat.

  2. Merry Christmas Omas!!!
    Thanks for the chapter mate! And thanks for going back to daily releases! I hope good stuff happen to you, mainly because you’d keep translating, but not only 😉

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