The 5th chapter of Daily Releases!

Yup. 5 whole chapters. Probably a few more to go.

02Vol.2 Chapter 62-



12 responses to “The 5th chapter of Daily Releases!

  1. wow dude ur sick. if i could have ur children i would!. the autor shuld be paying you for this!!!! love dude love! one of my most favorite series

  2. Thank you so much for releasing these scans! I always mean to drop by and say thank you but kept procrastinating so here it is. I can’t imagine how hard it must be, and I’m not generous enough to offer my help(don’t know how to edit or read korean anyway), but you are definitely greatly appreciated.

  3. Hello Omas. First time I take time to go and thank a scan translator, but … I have to say I’m really impressed that you kept 5 days of daily releases !

    Congratulations, and thank you very much ! Love that serie

  4. Thank you very much. I assume your parents are Korean. How long did it take to learn another language. I’m interested in learning Korean, Japanese and Mandarin. Still in the research phase but always looking for tips and resources.

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