The 6th daily release? Oh my.

Here’s the 6th chapter of daily releases. Monday will be the last of daily releases. I’m taking a break on the following Friday, but chapters will be regular again on the following Monday.

39Vol.2 Chapter 63-



16 responses to “The 6th daily release? Oh my.

  1. Hi,
    7 chapters in a row ? That is a performance. You are at chapter 243
    => only 26 chapters left, til latest corean chap (269)
    Waouh !!!
    You are closer and closer from the latest corean chapter.
    Thank you very much for your performance & dedication.
    Happy new Year 2013.

  2. Thanks a loooot for the daily releases, I’m always looking forward to your updates! Keep up the great work, we really appreciate it. And good thing that you’re taking a break once in a while. It might be hard waiting for new chapters but if it helps you to keep going I’ll happily wait for you to be back 😉

  3. Oh and something else, first, I love the christmas design! 🙂 second is only a suggestion: how about another character poll in the near future? During the last arc things might have changed.. I’m still with Time, but especially Pierre turned out to be much more than expected.

  4. Thank you omascans for starting my new year with a new chapter :3 Seriously, you’re a godsend. I do hope that you still have time for your studies tho. 6 simultaneous releases? Epic. And so is the story.

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