Daily release 7!

Here’s daily release 7. Don’t have much time (Packing, rushed on time, crap internet, blah blah blah) so here’s the link. The end.

Vol.2 Chapter 64- http://adf.ly/GgRJm

Someone be nice and upload this chapter on Batoto for me.


19 responses to “Daily release 7!

  1. Thanks for the releases, you’re even cooler than Enzu^^

    Btw, I just remembered the female elf from the first chapters, could someone answer me, what has happened to her? That would be nice^^’

  2. I hope Iremi will be fighting again soon. Personally, I think it would be nice if it was Iremi fighting against that guy because he really badmouthed her…
    I am also waiting for her seal to break 😀

  3. I think someone is gonna stop enzu from killing that guy

    Ps, there is a thing like 1release/2days? wouldn’t be that better? we can’t let you(re grades) suffer? 😛

  4. Hey there!
    Just dropped by to say how much I appreciate your marathon efforts in scanlating Magician. Dude you are frakking awesome. XD
    I can’t read regular manga with ease anymore, it’s not in color and usually has flimsy character development. Korean Webtoons FTW!
    Anyhoo…I took a look at the raws for the next chapters to come and…well there aren’t any spoiler tags here so I’ll just say that you’re going to have a *lot* of fun scanlating them. Enzu taking a Level in Badass is just the beginning.
    (Oh god, tv-tropes is invading my brain again!)
    Also, don’t think I’ve ever hated a villain so much as I hate Janus, The author’s good, I was screaming in rage at my computer screen. First time I think I’ve ever done that?
    Keep up the Stream of Awesome man!
    I especially love your comments on the credits pages, so much win. XD


  5. Oh man, I think you’re a real work-alcolic. To release as many chapter as you do, it is nearly insane (without talking of the excellent quality of your work). That’s always a great pleasure to read your releases. I’m really impressed.
    Don’t forget to take some pause time to time 😉
    Last thing : your work is internationally recognized. Here in France, you have some “custumers” who really appreciate it and are always looking forward to your next release !

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