Last of Daily Releases!

Here’s the last chapter of the episode “He”. The next chapter will be out next Monday. Thank you to all who took the time to visit the site.

34Vol.2 Chapter 65-



36 responses to “Last of Daily Releases!

  1. thank you so much for your effort 😉 and enzu is going to be sooo badass *-*
    well…happy new year n_n

  2. Thanks for the chapters but there’s one thing: you know that “we’re” and “were” are not the same, right? You used “we’re” where “were” would have been right. It bothered me a little bit so I thought I’d mention it^^;

    • Basically, he’s the REAL Edermask. As you read the story, I’m sure you realized the Edermask that Enzu and Iremi have been traveling with wasn’t the most brutal and infamous magician of all times. This Edermask was the actual one carrying out massacres and stuff under Janus. He’s also quite evil.

    • I’m still confused. So Edermask that Enzu and Iremi have been traveling with was the clone? Now there’s 3 guys with same face XD
      Edermask is the famous man who kills everyone and is feared by everyone, so is THIS guy. But the old Edermask has a history with Janus and this one is his employee. So basically the old Edermask is the real one but this “clone”?? have the right to carry the tittle of Edermask.

  3. Much thanks for the release!
    On a side note, I am also coincidently going on vacation.
    Flying out to Miami tomorrow, and then BEACHTIME!
    But I’ll probably be chewing my nails waiting for Monday to come…
    Yeah, it’s an addiction.

  4. Edermask is no more, hail Edermask!
    Hell, this is even better then I could ever expect.

    OMAS, you’re crazy, but u probably know it already ^_^

  5. Will we see some Iremi action in the upcoming fight scenes (I guess there will be fight scenes)?

    Btw. Iremi is acting kinda strange (maybe her seal is indeed breaking and she knows things the others don’t), completely unlike her, I wonder what that is about – I am pretty sure she is not “tired” of searching for Edermask.

  6. In a way, it’s a little disappointing to see Iremi breaking, but I guess she can’t be an all powerful sorceress all the time. But now, Enzu gets to take over..Yahh. Thanks for the cool chapter.

  7. Great work on the daily releases! Amazing working so fast! Always appreciate your work! Guess time… Enzu gets wounded Iremi loses it and bitch slaps the real Edermask… Even better Ajussi rocks up when they are getting well and truly beaten and takes out Edermask in one strike with all the special training he has been doing!

  8. Is “real Edermask” another brother of Edermask? Or is are real Edermask and Edermask magic clones of Janus? I don’t get it.

    • My guess would be that face of those people is not their own, they share it for some specific reason(spell/chant price?). The ‘not real’ Edermask is absolutely not a “magical doppelganger” since both he and Janus accepted to be brothers (btw forgot their names, we probably better to use one for good Edermask). Unless they all “clones” to single ‘being’, haha >_<.

      This is interesting to guess, but the real thing can be much more interesting. That's why we love this manhwa, it has all parts that it needs to have. But the most I like is that author feels balance and delivers it in the best shape, a rare sight nowdays.

      • Or Janus and the others were one and the same person in the past but, for some reason, split into different entities.

  9. thank you very much omascan! loving the releases! Happy new year!
    (i think they are all clones of Janus!)

  10. from what i understand, the one they were with is Janus’ twin brother, the one they are fighting against is a clone made by Janus, so we can deduce that Janus gave the immortality spell to 2 people, Edermask and his clone, he used the clone to to do bad things so that edermask will face troubles in his travels, such as bounty hunters and revenge seeking people.

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