Here’s chapter 66

So yeah, here’s chapter 66. With school starting again for me, chapters will keep the weekly schedule.

04Vol.2 Chapter 66-



12 responses to “Here’s chapter 66

  1. doesnt matter how long you take to release these jsut do so cause your the only one that actualy translates these and it would be quit sad if you sudenly stopped
    so take your time even if your late for a deadline we wont be mad
    (wel i wont)
    and good luck with school(we all know how that can be a drag)

  2. wwoooaaahh!
    awesome thank you so much
    i cant wait to see the next chapter
    and thank you for giving your time to translate ,most would only do it once a month T.T
    but you are amazing!!! 😀

  3. What do you think about this evil Ethermask? He doesn’t look like imposter for me, other like a different side of the same person.
    He said that he wandered for 300 years, it can’t be coincidence. Can’t wait next chap.

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