Chapter 72!

06To those who have been waiting… It’s out!

Vol.2 Chapter 72-



22 responses to “Chapter 72!

  1. This was an awesome chapter. I was so excited for him to finally get the move out. I hope it isn’t a fluke or one time occurrence.

  2. Yup, you were right, that was really awesome! Good to see the fake pay a heavy price for his arrogance. It’s what he gets for playing with his food like that. Thanks for the new chapter One Mane Army!!!

  3. Amazing chapter, thanks a lot for translation:)
    Enzu is really incredible now, what a man can do for the woman he loves.

  4. personaly, I found it pretty palain since I’m sure that Iremi would has reacted to the sword too, but I still pretty happy to see that Enzu mastered his skill 🙂

    ps: thank for the chapter, it’s alway apreciated.

    • she wouldn’t react to the sword because those are physical skills and she’s only reacting to magic attacks towards her in the state she is in.

  5. Thanks for the chapter, I hope it’s not a one-time blunder and Enzu can use it again.

    P.S. If it was Mamoru from UDDUP he would have cut off the whole arm and not only the hand xD

  6. Thanks a lot for translation.
    Amazing chapter but… i’m really only one who miss Edermask? I liked more Volume 1, but Enzu is better now. And i really don’t like much Matthew, she’s quite boring. Previous team was more funny and varied.

  7. Once a man asked stars -“Hey stars you see alot, how does the true love look like” -“It’s red like blood”.
    I was kinda expecting all those 70+ chapters for this only moment to come, still enjoed them all anyway. It’s nice to see Enzu grow up, still my sympathy with Time, [spoiler next] bet we’ll see him again within Huans flashbacks of their final battle.

    Ok now I have mental energy to get to the end of this week, my very very very… big thank you!

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