Chapter 73

No chapters next week due to midterms. But there WILL still be a chapter this coming Monday. Just no chapters next Friday and the Monday following that Friday. Here’s chapter 73.

Vol.2 Chapter 73-



16 responses to “Chapter 73

  1. Good luck with the exams!
    Thanks for the release.
    Exciting battle scenes but repetition of dialogues annoyed me.

  2. May you triumph over your exams like Enzu over the fake Edermask (minus the wounds, of course). Good luck and thanks for the chapter.

  3. A break from chapters? Im going to cry. U better ace exams. ….. ah thanks btw this is generally one the most reliable subbing efforts online.

  4. You can put up 2 chapter on 4th and 2 on 15th , that way you will cover for your time away before and after its done.Then you can continue with your schedule.

  5. That was quite good explanation there.

    If Kim pulls out time skip greatness right, this is going to be best of the best.

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