Chapter 74

Alright. Taking a break for midterms now. As a side note, yes, I know how ridiculous this chapter is. But it ends next chapter.

17Vol.2 Chapter 74-



29 responses to “Chapter 74

  1. Absolutely love this battle. I always thought Iremi was the main character…. However, I love Enzu’s resolve.

  2. Thanks bro. But wtf… c’mon. The fights were all logical until now. Wtf is that? The real Edermask who was able to erase an elite clan of merciless bounty hunters within a blink of an eye, can’t kill one swords man while fucking holding his neck, pushing him down and fucking charge his full power – well the rest of it – in his head? Le sigh ._.

  3. Uhh, enzu is kinda op… against the real edermask.

    1.- He is using the Necklace that his edermask gave him when he was little, It negates some thunder spells.

    2.-it may look like nothing but the ability that Time-sama created and enzu is using right now its slowly but surely hitting edermask.

    3.- He is the Main Male Character.

  4. Wait… you’re… not… going to release the next chapter this Friday, but you flippantly say that the fight is coming to a close next chapter?

    T.T Just one more chapter? Please? Just one more hit and I swear I’ll be good!

    (good luck on your mid-terms)

  5. is it me or this Edermask seem pretty weaker than the good one? I ask because he seemed yay more powerfull when Iremi and Enzu were travelling with the “good one”

  6. Well he was way whipping the floor with them while he wasn’t even being serious
    then Iremi redirect his own magic blast at him (or something like that)
    and then Enzu cut his hand off (using a super special awesome technique)
    and then he had to electrify his own wound until they would burn to stop the bleeding
    So it does make sense his power would be lowered

  7. Yeah, this fight actually does make sense, even though it looks impossible for Enzu to be holding on:

    Enzu has the necklace from Edermask that can protect against lightning spells.
    Enzu was healed by Iremi part-way through the fight.
    Enzu kept buying more time to recover his strength by conversing / taunting.
    Enzu’s finally beginning to master Time’s devastating attack.

    Edermask used took massive damage from Iremi reflecting his spell back at him.
    Edermask used his lighting spell on himself a second time, to stop his arm stump from bleeding.
    Edermask got his arm sliced off, plus many other wounds from near-misses of Enzu’s sword technique, and lost a lot of blood.
    Edermask got taunted into attacking while enraged, rather than calmly thinking through things.
    Edermask continually underestimates everyone in this fight.

    So I really have no complaints 🙂

  8. I wish i had time to learn korean … then i wouldn’t be waiting like a little kid in the toy store for his mother ;-(

    Anyways, i’m quite curious about Enzu’s right (red) eye. What’s the meaning of that? Perhaps it’s making him stronger without realising?

    • No that’s an effect caused by the excess of energy circulating through his body, its a ocular hemorrhage, its actually surprising that he can fight that well while having one, one of that level can make very difficult to see fast movements, and its sensible to light.

  9. Not to mention Edermask don’t have his staff anymore we have never seen Iremi use magic without her staff so weapons must be important for magicians too.

    Thanks for another great chapter good luck with school

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