Chapter 76

Quite an entertaining chapter. Thank god that drawn out fight is over.

36Vol.2 Chapter 76-



13 responses to “Chapter 76

  1. Hahahaha, awesome last page, OMAS! I had just read a bunch of “The World God Only Knows,” so I laughed a little extra hard.

  2. Lol your comment at the end made me think of it being a romance option like from Baldur’s Gate or another similar RPG.

  3. On page 19, I think you wrote it wrong. Shouldn’t it be: “Ah, you’re back?” instead of “Ah, your back?”
    Only if she was referring to his back (the part of the body), then ok (but I think that’s unlikely).

  4. Lool.. Who cares about small and guessable mistake? you should be more fascinated that, a one guy doing a group work ,and perfectly! not to mention the fast release, I have never seen as fast as this one compared to others!
    I will support you Omas!.. keep the great work up!

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