Chapter 81

Made it on time! Here’s chapter 81. Also note, I have finals next week so there will not be any chapters on the following weekend. But there is still a chapter on the coming Monday. As much as I’d like to release a chapter next week, I have no time. Also even within the small amount of spare time I have, the next couple chapters have an abnormally large amount of text which requires both translation and the cleaning, which takes ages.


Vol.2 Chapter 81-

This is also my 100th post. Whoo!


8 responses to “Chapter 81

    • That’s what I came here to say! It totally is! That’s the guy that killed Enzu’s parents!

  1. Thank you! for this and all chapters before and those in future. Take all the time ya need and don’t burn yourself out, cause that would be disastrous for mine and many others’ enjoyment on Magician series ^.^

  2. Wow, you have finals so early! I’m barely in midterm time. Good luck on them though and thanks for the chapter.

  3. man, just… man. magician is quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever read. wish I could help you with the translating and cleaning but I only speak English and I hardly speak that well. thanks!

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