Chapter 82

Here’s chapter 82. As I said, there are no chapters the coming weekend. The next chapter will probably be on the Friday after next.

09Vol.2 Chapter 82-



13 responses to “Chapter 82

    • Don’t remember the exact chapter, but he’s the one who gave Enzu his scar and appeared in his nightmares back before time skip. I believe D arranged a duel with him against Enzu, and he gave himself a scar on the same spot as Enzu’s as atonement.

  1. I don’t remember the exact chapter either, but he shows up in Episode 28, so in the 140’s somewhere.

  2. The most important chapters regarding Kal-ajussi are 145 which introduces the trauma Enzu has from Kal, and 152, the chapter in which Enzu beings to truly confronts his trauma.

    As a side note, this is my first post here and I have to say, OMAScans, you provide what is by far my favorite manga/manhwa for me to be able to read and I want to thank you. I look forward to new magician scanlations far more than I look forward to the big three mangas, and if I could read/type in Korean, I would extend my thanks to the original author of this incredibly good universe. Its just so damned good.

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