As the last post says, I said the next chapter would be PROBABLY be on Friday. Thanks to Finals (which I have on Friday) I will have to push back the next chapter. I will get the next chapter by Monday. As much as I’d like to post it, I honestly don’t have the time. With that said, complain all you want. I doubt I’ll have time to go on the computer anyways.


19 responses to “Notice

  1. i got no problem with another extra days, ur school is more important man, so take ur time with ur studies n put out a chapter when u actually have time

  2. hey good luck from me too! …even though I think it’s already over…I don’t have a problem with waiting! \(>o<)/ till monday then

  3. hmph bunch of suck ups…….. we got permission to complain and I’m gonna do it!! Snarl hiss. grummmbllle @%@# stupid finals#$$( life interfering with my reading pleasure?! thpppt……..

  4. I am mexican and i just read recently, although there is no one to translate the manwha but i already know english and Thanks to you i finally can read all the webtoon, 😀

    Thanks MAN hehehe and I appreciate your effort.
    Good luck with your finals.

  5. do you remember few weeks ago you were on bike and got hit? it was because of a delay on a chapter… hmm who was the driver you ask…. delay again and you will find out -.0
    mister ” i give persmission to complain”

  6. go on en take your time your finals en school are more important than this, we all love to read it but if you get job less because you don’t have your papers we will never see your translations again so even if you just bring out a chapter ones every two weeks that will be great. but always remember school is more important than every thing its your future. greetings a follower from the very beginning.

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