Alright. Update.

First off, here’s chapter 84-

Now then, usually, I had enough time to start at least cleaning the chapters that were ahead, allowing me to actually put out two chapters a week. Thanks to finals and some other issues, I was down to trying to cram a chapter in every week. Essentially, my stockpile became depleted. Now for a couple weeks, probably about a month, I will be putting out a chapter a week. During that time, Vendetta Scans, another group I am part of, is aiding me in cleaning the chapters ahead. Once I get a decent stockpile going, I’ll start putting out two chapters a week, and, as a bonus for putting up with me, I’ll give a daily update.

P.S.- Also as a side note, please read Lessa, Be Heun, and Soul Cartel, which I am the translator of, and support Vendetta scans. Thank you.


13 responses to “Alright. Update.

  1. I am super happy that a chapter is released 😀
    I am sad that there will be a chapter per week :<
    I am confused as this is released at April Fools. :S

  2. Thank you very much for the new chapter! And while I’m waiting for the day when the chapters will be twice a week again,I could start reading Lessa and Be Heun (I’m already at the current chapter of soul cartel >.<). Even tough I'm a little sad….. you are doing a great job 🙂

  3. Man, I am very thankful and admirative of all the energy and work you put into all of this. Thank you very much for taking the time to share with us the awesomeness of these works. I hope your finals went well!

    Greetings from switzerland!

  4. Didn’t know you were a part of Vendetta too… all of their uploads are great as well. Although Magician is still my favorite haha

  5. Thank you for the chapter. As a reward for patiently waiting, you should one day surprise us by having 5-6 chapters ready at once. (lol, I’m just joking…thanks for the chapters u do release tho!)

    Anyways, I hope you got awesome on your exams!

  6. I just want to talk a little about the chapter.

    I mean, [SPOIL] the two characters at the end looks like older enzu and older iremi, if we add edermask and the false Edermask …

    Seriously, is there a clone factory in this fantasy world? Will there be an explanation for it in the next chapters?

    Anyway, thanks for your job, and don’t worry too much, a 40page chapter each week is still way over the release average for other mangas.

  7. whoaaaa you’re amazing. How do you do so much work for us???? Translating all those other series as well as cleaning this one singlehandedly, while going through school… One Man Army is no joke! You have inspired me to work harder in my life, sir. Thanks for everything.

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