Chapter 87

Here’s chapter 87. Along with a picture of Enzu getting it on with the ladies.

14Vol.2 Chapter 87-



13 responses to “Chapter 87

  1. So much text again, thank you for the hard work! ^_^
    In hindsight, you might want to be careful with “Pomf” as a sound effect, it’s a little … prestressed. 😛

  2. Thanks for the chapter, and your translation work.

    I’ve already read all of Lessa, Crepuscule, and Magician. I haven’t read much Be Heun, since I wasn’t able to really get into it. But the others are series I’ve been keeping up on.

    Do you have the Magician chapters translated already? I wouldn’t mind reading them while we wait for the scans. 🙂

  3. Why the release is too slow?…I though its twice a week. no release on April 8, 15 also 22?please let us know.

  4. GREAT CHAPTER! thanks for all your hard work.

    I’m looking forward to reading 2 or 3 chapters a week again but now that this isn’t the only series you’re working on I guess that’s unlikely to happen again at-least until school is out for the summer.

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