I was planning on releasing another chapter tomorrow, but due to 2 midterms I have (One on Tuesday  another Wednesday)  I don’t have time to typeset the next chapter. On the other hand, there will be a surprise tomorrow. To those of you who guessed, yes. It is a new series I’m picking up. Some may dislike this, but honestly, my schedule with Magician should more or less remain the same. Since the rate I release these chapters will be sporadic. I’m going to focus more on it once I catch up with Magician. I’m also picking up the new series for my own enjoyment, since it will be a series I can work at my own pace, instead of being forced under a time crunch like Magician.


8 responses to “Announcement

  1. Thank You for the advanced notice. School is way more important. Good luck on your Midterms.

    • Exactly! I’m happy as long as I get those awesome magician releases~

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