New Series!

Well, technically not new. I’m going to be continuing Yureka from volume 35 onward. It hasn’t been updated in ages and I’ve also been pretty curious how it goes, so this will be a side project for me. I have the raws for volume 35-37, so you can at least expect 18 more chapters. To those of you who never read this, it’s a manhwa based on a virtual mmorpg. Pretty cool stuff. The first 34 volumes can be found on different reader sites. Enjoy!


Vol.35 Chapter 214-


53 responses to “New Series!

  1. oh god thanks so much. you can find the other volumes 38-41 on jcafe24!! please continue this to the end

  2. YES! Thank you for continuing this awesome manhwa
    it was completed with 41 volumes and I have been dying to see how it ends
    Keep up the great work

  3. Thank you so much ! Yureka has been picked up in France by 2 publishers already but both cancelled it even if the series is finished in Korea and now we are stuck at vol.35… Very looking forward to your next releases !

  4. YAY! thanks a lot for picking this up… even if it’s just a side project, still much better than no updates in half a year

  5. You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

    You have my eternal gratitude for picking it up and still doing marvelous job on one of my all-time favorites, Magician.

  6. i think mangacow will do that series, too. since he made a poll about wich 2 or 3 series to pick up and yureka is 2. place sofar… just as an info, also thx for all this good magician, really appreciate it 😉

    • You should scanlate Ruler of the Land instead! It’s a great series and it’s by the author of The Breaker. While it’s currently not at the top of the polls at cow, it should still be one of your projects.

  7. I dream of the day when I will be able to finish reading a manga/manhwa without picking up two or three more along the way!
    Looks like a great one! Thank you for all your work 😀

  8. Thank you very much for picking Yureka. Also, can you please, release your version of chapter 213? Because Nomanga version can hardly be considered as any good.(

  9. OMAS!!!!! I had given up on seeing that serie translated… Thanks a lot, and don’t overwork yourself plz.

  10. You are one crazy army man!!!! I did get suprised when I saw a new chapter of Yureka uploaded but that suprise was nothing compared to, when I saw that it had been scanlated by you.

  11. I’m slightly surprised that the series you picked up was Yureka. I haven’t followed the series because I was really disappointed with what happened with PhD. I hope u have fun scanslating it and it seems a lot of people are happy about it!

  12. wow, i’m actually reading this series but I’m not caught up with it so i didnt realize it wasn’t being updated. cool.

  13. Someone said something about ruler of the land ya it has crazy amount of volumes too haha maybe it will be picke dup once magician and yureka are caught up XD *_*

  14. Lol~ You have a hard enough time with Magician and then out of nowhere you go and surprise us with this.
    Well done buddy

    • Also, can you translate the titles for chapters 3-14, if possible. They are the only chapters without a title, well, on mangafox at least. Thanks!!

  15. Thank you so much for picking up Yureka! I had given up on seeing this series translated.

  16. Man, I think I might have fell in love with you. As a reading addict I was tearing myself apart in wait for someone, anyone to give me the end of Yureka. Thank you so so so very much for picking it up.

  17. thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu , i’m currently on tears right now (T_T) –> happy tears 😀

  18. Eureka you’v found it! I liked the early chapters much better but thanks for picking up Yureka I’v been wanting to finish it 😉

  19. Thank you man, this series had been at a stand still for over a year. I appreciate you picking this up and potentially finishing it. You rock!

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